The Process

collect some scraps

We spent some funny hours in the production dept of CIEMME and Cartotecnica IDM, our partners in crime in this great adventure.

We found there, three types of scrap:

  • printing test / flawed printed paper
  • many different tiny pieces of paper, the waste of the cut step
  • perforated paper (with different thicknesses, colors and materials)

Something that usually is thrown away and recycled.

inspiring workshop & brainstorming

We struggled to consider how the team’s different skills could flow together.
We felt lost in the labyrinth until someone made a collage, creating beautiful physical patterns.
There were many new creative assets and ideas on the desk.


We selected and digitalized ten collages and then vectorized and reworked them (just in color, position and size).
All these fantastic patterns are freely available online for any use.
The following and final step was finding a concrete application.

make some new & cool creativity

The process started thinking of an appealing application for our patterns.
We wanted to consider this step because, as marketing professionals, we know the importance of business and branding; if we want to impact and inspire others, a real case was necessary.
Here was the moment when “Pap the Sneak” stood.
The source of inspiration is rooted in the culture of inclusivity, boldness and freedom of expression, the sneakers world, and we created three different types of applications:

perforated paper
visual identity application
illustration & visual identity application
personalization and application