REPAP is an open-source project that explores new ways, new worlds, new words and new waste to make communication about sustainability bold & cool.

REPAP is developed by a group of marketing and communication professionals, a team full of diverse skills but, before that, a community of people who believe strongly in design and beauty and who share a vision.

The name REPAP indeed, is the acronym and the mirror of PAPER, their first love, and describes the journey that will solve one of the most important problems facing humanity today: waste materials; reversing and recombining them to create new forms of marvel.

What's in your dumpsters?

Because we are gonna take it and REPAP it in something that you could never imagine.

Beauty is hiding everywhere, and our mission is to demonstrate it in such a bold way that you, and everyone else, will no longer be able to unsee it.

So, trust your waste:

It’s the starting point we’ll use for a journey that will take you beyond sustainability in its classical meaning, upon the arrival of which, around your product, there will be an extension of it, the expression of some of the infinite potential of waste materials offered by your unavoidable manufacturing processes.

Something that will surprise you to the point of making you question the basics:

nothing is lost, everything is transformed, but is it really true that nothing is created?

Let’s find out, together.