collect some scraps

We started with a collection of raw materials, and outstanding pieces of metal.

new fabulous patterns

Terranova had great success last year. with the #GOATMANIA campaign, enhancing the bar higher than ever before.

So what to create for the 2023 edition?

Till now, 2023 has been an amazing year for Terranova, especially in achieving goals on sustainable things.


The Factory in The Country is now a beacon of sustainability, and its light has also hit REPAP, because it fits perfectly with its philosophy, but it doesn’t forget where it came from, so the goat returns again, but it becomes a



the booth
pattern for the backdrop wallpaper

the gadget
twelve outstanding graphics were printed on recycled paper, becoming part of the stand-outfitting.

People could take papers to get information about Terranova and its commitment to the different markets in which the company operates, helping uninstall the stand and reducing the impact of the outfitting.